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  • Rio de Janeiro concert

    20 décembre 2015 ( #Past events )

    I just am feeling like writing down a bit of our experience in Brasil, for our first recital across the oceans with Caroline Delcampe, my wonderful pianist. An adventure which reached all our senses. The eyes : The landscapes are breathtaking. Palmers,...

  • Faust, Opéra de Lausanne

    13 juin 2016 ( #Opera )

    This production will stay forever in my heart and memory. The fantastic, poetical, dark, deep and beautiful staging (+lights+costumes) of Stefano Poda. The breathtaking music of Gounod enriched by maestro Ossonce and the OCL. A high-quality cast made...

  • Bad Wildbad Belcanto (part 2)

    03 août 2016 ( #Past events, #Opera )

    Well, it went again so well at the Rossini Belcanto festival of Wildbad. Mostly thanks to the great and lovely singers over there. Our Balducci (the one we created in Barcelona) wasn't easy because the pianists were not the same (Balducci composed for...

  • Concert in Appenzell

    17 novembre 2016 ( #Past events, #Videos, #Presse )

    Several pictures and one video souvenirs of this very delightful evening, singing arias and duets with my friend and colleague, the soprano Aurélie Jarjaye, and our coach and friend too, the pianist Jean-Philippe Clerc ! Will never forget the fun we had...

  • Master Recital

    26 mars 2016 ( #Past events, #Pictures )

    Just want to say Thank you for the very special sharing time we had together today for my exam yesterday (programm and explanations are on another article if you are itnerested). Thank you Todd Camburn for being such an amazing pianist and coach. Thank...

  • Love has no borders : Carte Blanche pictures, report, story and ode

    05 avril 2017 ( #Past events, #Pictures )

    Photos Estelle Vidon ! THIS IS IT. Months of work, doubts, white nights, white pages, pressure sometimes, brainstorming, planning, writing...but also joy, love, sharing, exploring, creating, trying, retrying, going further, deeper, clearer... Because...

  • L'italiana in Luzern

    04 février 2017 ( #Opera, #Presse, #Pictures )

    Another great way to start 2017 !!!! Singing my favorite role : Isabella, in L'Italiana in Algeri, for the second time, and aagin a semi-stage version directed by our supercreative intendant Benedikt Von Peter. This time with the Luzerner Theater and...

  • Solothurn Classics Festival

    28 juin 2015 ( #Past events, #Videos )

    Some pictures from this magical evening at the Solothurn Classics festival. The concept of this evening was : one singer (student) from each Swiss Music School was sent to represent the school and Canton he comes from. The occasion for me to meet nice...

  • RIGOLETTO, Luzern

    16 octobre 2016 ( #Opera )

    The new direction of the Luzerner Theater is young, creative and very modern. The first two operas of the seasons are good proof of that : Prometeo from Luigi Nono, a very contemporary piece, with the public laying on mattresses on the floor, surrounded...

  • Label Suisse Festival (to read and hear)

    19 septembre 2016

    16th September : Récital "Love has no borders" at the BCV Concert Hall for the Festival Label Suisse, direct live at the radio "Espace 2". I should never forget this date and this concert. For several reasons. I was ill. It is very rare, but it happened,...

  • New videos !

    04 août 2016 ( #Videos )

    Extract from my Master Diploma concert : "Amor/Furor" Duparc : L'invitation au voyage Xerxes : Crude Furie (Händel) Jocasta : Nonn'erubeskite (Stravinsky) J.Brel : La chanson des vieux amants With Todd Camburn at the piano

  • Manon (Opéra des Nations)

    19 septembre 2016 ( #Opera )

    My first production at the Grand Théâtre de Genève as member of the Troupe des Jeunes solistes was very interesting. I was surrounded by singers who already have more than 10 years of career, and I have been amazed by their professionalism. They already...

  • Les Mamelles de Tiresias (Poulenc) and La Gaîté Parisienne (Offenbach)

    23 janvier 2016 ( #Opera )

    Some pictures of this fantastic production of the Opéra de Lausanne, showing in one evening the crazy, beautiful, fun, and brilliant piece of Poulenc and a Ballet Béjart production based on the story of Maurice Béart himself when he started dancing in...

  • Italiana in Algeri, Rossini, title role for the Festival Rossini in Wildbad (De)

    21 juillet 2015 ( #Opera, #Presse )

    DONE ! What a relief, what a joy, to know that I actually can sing a title role through ! You never know untill you experience it. I had the chance to get an answer here, in Wildbad -Germany- for the Rossini Festival. It was my dream to make my debut...

  • Erwin Schrott - Invitée surprise

    30 septembre 2016 ( #Events )

    Yesterday I had the great joy and honour to sing two duets with the fantastic Erwin Schrott for his recital Rojotango in Opera des Nations. I jumped in at the very last minute, thanks to the Grand Théâtre (and especially Mathilde Fasso) who gave my name...

  • Concours de Genève

    10 décembre 2016 ( #Events )

    And here we are ! Third price of the Geneva Competition ! I never thought i would go so far in it. And I'm super proud, after four rounds, 2h of programs in total, and more than 300 singers from all around the world who registered, to have reach the finale....

  • Les Nuits d'été (Berlioz)

    03 août 2016 ( #Past events )

    Some pictures in memory of this magical concert open-air with the Symphony Orchestra of Macon, directed by Eric Geneste. The environment (this church with beautiful enlightening) and the huge but silent crowd, aswell as my metal friends who came to support...

  • Carte Blanche : pub !

    21 mars 2017 ( #News, #Presse, #Events )

    Photo Vanessa Cardoso, @24heures Si vous hésitez encore à venir, voici trois avant-goûts : L'article du 24h : Le teaser :

  • L'enfant et les sortilèges (Ravel) 4,6,7,8,11 Novembre avec l'Opéra de Lausanne

    30 septembre 2015 ( #Opera, #Presse )

    I'll be singing The Mother, The Dragonfly and the Cup in L'enfant et les sortilèges (Ravel) at the Opéra de Lausanne in November 2015. I have a tender relationship with this opera in particular, because as a child, I used to listen to it all the time...


    03 août 2016

    Memories from this amazing festival at the lake side, where Caroline and I did our recital "Love has no borders" in front of a warm and very eclectic audience. It was the first time we were trying this recital, which purpose is to open the borders of...

  • Carte Blanche : propos et programme

    21 mars 2017 ( #News, #Events )

    Cher public, chers amis, Comme, contrairement à mon habitude, je ne vous parlerai pas en direct entre les morceaux cette fois, et je tenais à partager avec vous ces quelques mots, pensées, pistes de réflexion quant au projet Love has no borders. Quand...

  • Love has no borders in Aachen : reviews

    11 avril 2017 ( #Presse, #Past events )

    Love has no borders has made its first steps in Germany (Aachen) and it was a very interesting experiment. The venue was huge (Eurogress) ans at first I thought there had been a mistake...and I was impressed, how to manage such a big stage when it's only...

  • Cully Classique (Festival Off)

    28 juin 2015 ( #Past events )

    If there is one festival I would have to recommend, no matter if you come as artist or as public, it is the Cully Classique. I sang there last year, in a "cave", and it was already a cosy and lovely atmosphere. But this year, the Off Festival changed...

  • International Belcanto Prize

    26 juillet 2015 ( #News )

    I am very honored and glad to have received the "International Belcanto Prize", after my Isabella and the masterclass of Lorenzo Regazzo, singing Malcolm "Mura Felici" and the Cenerentola Duet "Un Soave" with Gheorge Vlad. My beloved colleague Matija...

  • AGENDA 2016-2017

    03 avril 2017 ( #Agenda )

    2017 : 29th January, 5-12th February : Isabella in L'italiana in Algeri (Rossini), Luzern Theater 3d March : Love has no borders, recital in Barcelona, Teatre de Sarria 7th March : Isabella in L'italiana in Algeri (Rossini), Vaduz 9,11,12th March : Isolier...

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