Friday evening was the first time we gave the recital "Love has no borders" abroad.

I was very curious to see how this recital, which I often sing in Switzerland, would be received by a new public, in another country. It's Barcelona that I chose to try this experiment, because I go there often to work with my teacher Raul Gimenez, and already sang two roles in his theater 'Teatre de Sarria', a lovely venue "à l'italienne".

My name isn't big enough (yet?) to attract a huge audience abroad, but there was approximately 50 people, and as always, quality is better than quantity : they gave Caroline and I such a warm, enthusiastic welcome that I could believe they were 200 ! It was a strong feeling to hear them laugh for Johnny (Britten) or Trouble in Tahiti (Bernstein), see their emotions for "La chanson des vieux amants" (Brel) or Chanson Triste (Duparc), hearing them snap along for "Fever", and relaxing with Poulenc and De Falla "Nana"...despite of the languages they don't understand, and the different genres I was singing. 

And here is whole purpose of this recital : music has no borders, it's an universal language. I had the proof of that on Friday and I couldn't be more grateful.


Thank you Teatre de Sarria, thank you Raul Gimenez, thank you spanish public, and thank you Caroline Delcampe (piano), Serena (duet), Mae (duet) and Noël (contrabass) for being with me on stage to share that moment !


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