And here we are ! Third price of the Geneva Competition !

I never thought i would go so far in it. And I'm super proud, after four rounds, 2h of programs in total, and more than 300 singers from all around the world who registered, to have reach the finale. My finale was good but not extraordinary. Unfortunately I woke up this day with a very tired voice, and I had the general in the morning and the concert in the evening so it went even worse. I had no choice than "save" it, which means I sang very clean and proper technically but couldn't be "free" enough to make the show. Quite sad for a finale, knowing that the other rounds I was in super shape and sang at my best !

Another lesson to be learnt, when you do a competition you should do only this, and not (as I did) several operas and trips in between. The positive side of not doing only the competition is that you have no time to stress. The negative side is the same, no time to stress and no time to be 100% focused.

Last lesson was the programm. The jury told me it was far too intimate and sad for a finale. I should have sing Rosina, Sesto or other mezzo "hits", show-off and champagne arias in order to win the public and jury's heart. It is something I can understand and even agree on. But when you have sang already 2h the other rounds, you already showed so many different things and I thought I don't want to do the typical mezzo hits for a finale, I thought it would be interesting to show another emotion.

But anyway ! I know I made some people cry, I know I enjoyed singing with orchestra, in this splendid Victoria Hall, and I know I am glad to have been awarded the third price and the price of the Cercle du Grand Théâtre, which gives me a title role in the years to come !!!

Congratulations to my colleagues who were wonderful singers and persons :)

And a huge thank you to all of you who gave me love, support and positive energy the whole competition, with messages, hugs and physical presence 

and here is the link to the finale :


and the review from classic agenda :

C’est ensuite le tour du mezzo Marina Viotti qui en tant que « Jeune Soliste » a récemment interprété Rosette dans la Manon mise en scène par Olivier Py au Grand Théâtre de Genève. Après des études de flûte traversière, de hautes études littéraires et des expériences dans le gospel, le métal et le jazz, l’éclectique chanteuse, suisse, française et italienne, a enfin trouvé sa voie dans le chant lyrique.
Son programme autour de l’amour commence par une interprétation très pertinente d’un des Kindertotenlieder de Mahler (Nun seh’ ich wohl, warum so dunkle Flammen) dont nous remarquerons l’intense aigu en pianissimo tout en retenue, valorisant le dramatisme du texte.
Sa Charlotte (Werther ! Qui m’aurait dit… Ces lettres…) est également réussie, complice de l’expressivité de l’orchestre qui, sous la direction soignée de son chef, souligne l’ambiance tourmentée de cet air, préfigurant la mort du protagoniste de l’opéra de Massenet. Elle termine son épreuve avec un air de travesti, tiré de La donna del lago de Rossini (Mura felici…Elena! O tu, che chiamo…), qui met en valeur la clarté et la souplesse de sa voix, tout comme sa gestion du souffle, qui lui confère un legatoirréprochable.



Pictures by Thierry Pillon



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