Label Suisse Festival (to read and hear)

16th September : Récital "Love has no borders" at the BCV Concert Hall for the Festival Label Suisse, direct live at the radio "Espace 2".

I should never forget this date and this concert. For several reasons.

I was ill. It is very rare, but it happened, and big time : throat, nose, voiceless, temperature....I had to take antibiotics. It happened two days before the concert. I had no idea if I could sing at all and mostly if I should.

Should I sing, knowing that it is direct live at the radio ? Knowing that it is an important festival? Knowing that if it's not very good it will "soil" my reputation and image? Knowing that I can injure my vocal cords?

But I don't want to let anyone down, I don't want to cancel because I have been looking forward to this festival so much, because it's a program I chose and enjoy, because it's more than a recital it is a message, a mission.

Will I manage to sing, knowing that when I speak my voice is not good, knowing that I will maybe not make it untill the end, because this program is difficult already when I'm in shape, knowing also that adrenaline and technic can help.

I guess these are questions a lot of singers must have faced several times in their life. It was the first time for me in 6 years.

I decided to do it. Why? Because there is a moment you need to know what your limits are, how far technic can help you, if you survive this you'll be stronger, and if you fail then you will learn a lesson anyway. I also didn't want to let anyone down. But I tried to be smart. I changed the program, took away the hardest pieces and substituted them with easier ones.

And this is the final result :

The whole recital. A miracle. Adrenaline, technic and the support and love from my family and friends in the audience but also just sending me good vibes through phones and social medias gave me the strength. A HUGE merci, bravo and love to my pianist Todd Camburn, who has been also my coach for the last 3 years, and a friend...who knows me, breath with me, gives me the safety, the velvet, the passionate and the finest accompagnement I could ever dream of.

Special thanks to Kazuaki Tsuda who came with his smile, his groove and contrebasse !

It has been a very anxious day, and I wish it won't happen again. The lesson I learnt is : always be careful at the end of summer to not get sick so that you don't have to face such stressy situations.

Photos by the great Lauren Pasche

Label Suisse Festival (to read and hear)
Label Suisse Festival (to read and hear)
Label Suisse Festival (to read and hear)
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