Cully Classique (Festival Off)

If there is one festival I would have to recommend, no matter if you come as artist or as public, it is the Cully Classique. I sang there last year, in a "cave", and it was already a cosy and lovely atmosphere. But this year, the Off Festival changed its location, and instead of the cave, it is now an open-air festival, with various musics/artists, a quite big stage just in front of the Lake, with a breathtaking view (mountains, vineyards), good food/drinks (ginger juice!!!), comfortable chilling chairs, and, lucky us, a real summer weather!

First I was a bit worried how it would "sound", because open-air means also "noises" (wind,birds,children,people talking). But we were amplified and I was glad to use a microphone again, good memory of my experience as a jazz and metal singer ! Quite weird to use it to sing classical music though. I heard a video and actually it sounds quite well, so...Don't worry, be happy!

I enjoyed this place, this atmosphere, the public (not a typical "classic" public, but really diverse, just how I like it to be). The two concerts (Berlin-Moscou and Bach à Piaf) went well and received good feedbacks. Plus I have to say that we have been treated/received like kings/queens by the staff and the organization.

Definitely THE place to be !!! THANK YOU CULLY OFF !

Cully Classique (Festival Off)
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