If there is one opera that I have always particularly loved, it is L'italiana in Algeri from Rossini. I saw it thousand times, conducted by my father or others, and sang by great artists such as Kassarova, Baltsa,Bruno Pratico, Bruno de Simone, Raul Gimenez, Flores....

And still now, when I see it Vienna Staatsoper (which has, in my opinion, the best "mise en scène" ever for this one) it makes me laugh and enjoy.

I always said and thought : "if I would have to choose with which role to do my debut, I would choose Isabella for sure.

And the dream is about to come true!

I am gonna be part of the Rossini Wildbad festival and I'm gonna sing Isabella with other "young" singers for the other roles ! And in order to prepare it as well as possible, the festival has given us the opportunity to have a ten days Masterclass with maestro Raul Gimenez, the great tenor I heard so many times in my youth.

So here I am, in Barcelona, having met my colleagues who are not only super talented but also very nice, and working with the maestro, who is simply incredible.

We work on the Belcanto style, technic, and "sound". I am learning a lot, and it is only the third day! We do both arias and ensemble (my favorite is certainly the last scene of act1) and we are having a lot of fun. Maestro Gimenez is still an amazing singer, we have noticed as he always shows us what he wants, what he is speaking about. He can sing the bass, the tenor, and even the mezzo, with a stunning voice, and a great sense of music.

Well I'm having the time of my life here, I love this role, this opera, this maestro, and the things I am learning now are gonna be helpful for the rest of my life.

So just THANK YOU Rossini am wildbad, for this great opportunity !

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