The RSI and Philippe Beran took a few months to decide: why not inaugurate the new concert hall "Le Lac" in Lugano with an audience of children? Therefore they had to find a suitable program. Magic and Music. A magician/mentalist (Federico Soldati) would come and make his tricks while the Orchestra would play...El amor brujo, this great piece from De Falla which actually "speaks" about magic, the magic of love.

And here we are! I had the luck to sing Candelas the Gipsy, dressed in a red flamenco dress. 10 000 children from the whole Ticino region came to our 9 concerts (9 concerts in 3 days was quite a challenge I must say!). The programm was perfect, not too long, interesting (Federico was also presenting to the children the concert hall, explaining its acoustic (which is very good, comfortable).

Lugano is a lovely place, the orchestra OSI sounded fantastic lead by our enthusiastic conductor,and there is nothing more joyful than a public of young children : amazed, surprised, reacting, applauding each magical performance aswell as each musical extract .

A wonderful experiment for sure !

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